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Meeting the growing demands of tomorrow’s wireless networks, Waterford is the telecommunications industry’s leading provider of custom, cost-saving RF compliance software.


Developed in 2008, RoofMaster™ is Waterford’s flagship software designed for modeling the RF environment on an unlimited range of wireless site types. Currently deployed in North America by major wireless carriers, tower companies, engineering and other regulatory compliance firms, this innovative tool offers superior flexibility, speed and unlimited adaptation based on carrier, asset owner or user needs. Enterprise licenses available.

  • Fast, easy to use, Windows-based

  • OET-65, Safety Code 6, ICNIRP compatibility

  • Supports 5G 

  • Built-in localization

  • Advanced features include solid material power attenuation

  • Massive library of mfr-supplied antenna patterns

  • Integrates construction drawings

  • Real-time technical support


Waterford’s NIERTool™ software provides clients the ability to efficiently and accurately screen a single wireless structure or an entire portfolio of proposed or existing sites for the purpose of determining RF compliance without having to incur the cost of performing traditional predictive or on-site analyses.  Analysis results in a P.E. certified report which may be retained as a stand-alone compliance document or substantiate the need for additional analysis.

  • Streamlined production of EME/MPE analysis; P.E. certification available

  • Single site or bulk volume processing available

  • Report delivery speed and reduced cost facilitates efficient analysis on every site instead of “representative sites” only

  • Reduces overall report delivery time and cost

  • OET-65, Safety Code 6, ICNIRP compatibility

  • Supports 5G 

  • Enterprise licensing available

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