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Our team of experts understand that all projects are unique and offer customized solutions for clients of all types including wireless/telecom, real estate, utility, and government.

Structural Analysis Engineers

Structural Analysis

With certification in all fifty U.S. states and Canada and expertise in the latest, industry-preferred software applications, Waterford's professional engineers have the experience and skills to ensure the integrity and reliability of a wide range of structure types.

  • Tower and foundation structural analysis and structural opinion letters

  • Antenna mount analysis

  • Rooftop structural analysis

  • Structural modification design

  • Fall Zone letters available

Architectural Engineering Consultants Maryland

Architectural & Engineering

At Waterford, we take a holistic approach to problem solving and we believe managing all aspects of complex wireless infrastructure deployment projects provides maximum benefit to our customers.  Our core team of engineers and construction managers have experience across the entire life cycle of wireless projects. This collaborative approach ensures the right team, and ultimately the right solution, for your project. 

  • P.E. Certification in all 50 states and Canada

  • Civil, Structural, Electrical Drawings

  • Site Survey & Lease Exhibits

  • Geotechnical Survey and Soils Analysis

  • Photo Simulations

  • Utility (power & telco) Design

  • Environmental / E&S Design

  • Grounding System Design and Assessment

Structural Modification Design Engineers Maryland

Structural Modification Design

Waterford’s engineering experts offer professional modification designs for today's growing number of stressed and failing communications tower structures. Once our structural analysis process determines if modifications are needed, Waterford also offers professional fabrication and installation services for all tower and foundation modification types.

  • Foundation Upgrades

  • Complete Tower Reinforcement

  • Tower Height Extension

  • Structural & Foundation Mapping

  • Passes with Modification Letter

  • Post-modification Inspection

RF Engineering Consultants Maryland

RF Engineering

Using the latest software and design tools and expert knowledge of the wireless carriers’ network requirements, Waterford’s RF engineering experts offer extensive commercial wireless system design, optimization, deployment and operational experience.

  • RF network design

  • RF propagation analysis

  • iBwave DAS design

  • Macro network evaluation

  • Hybrid clutter database ensures accurate, high-res modeling

Tower & Foundation Mapping Consultants Maryland

Tower & Foundation Mapping

Structural and appurtenance mapping (SAM) addresses tower site modifications, identifies collocation potential and provides confirmation of existing tenant equipment inventory. Our SAM process accelerates the verification of site data in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Certified tower climbers committed to safety

  • All tower types including water tanks, silos, church steeples, and concealed structures

  • Structural mapping

  • Inventory mapping

  • GPR foundation mapping

  • Detailed photo library provided with 360° interactive virtual tour available

  • Nationwide mobilization capability

Intermodulation analyses enhance the potential for wireless antenna structures to support additional tenant collocation in the compatible, non-interfering environment. The studies play an important role in supporting pre-construction site design and planning by predicting if RF interference could occur, as well as assist in developing a resolution to interference problems at an existing co-location site.

  • Predictive analysis of RF data prevents interference between collocated tenants

  • Fast turnaround of P.E. certified deliverables

  • Includes recommendations for mitigating existing or potential interference

RF Intermodulation Engineers

RF Intermodulation Analysis

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