Our highly experienced team offers expertise in all structure types, including difficult to zone/permit sites, and has the ability to rapidly mobilize nationally.

Tower & Site Development

Waterford’s Site Services team supports our client’s infrastructure demands from conception through completion. Combined with a meticulous respect for safety, attention to detail and responsiveness to each client’s needs, we specialize in solutions that ensure your sites are built to your specifications, on time and within budget.

  • Tower and small cell erection

  • Foundation / civil construction

  • DAS installation/integration

  • Radio installation & commissioning

  • Microwave installation & path alignment

  • DC power & battery installation

  • Green site construction (solar, wind, etc.)

  • Communications shelter installation

ProAudit™ TIA Inspection

& Due Diligence Compliance Audit

Waterford's ProAudit™ service combines the technical expertise and proficiency of several professional disciplines into a single, cost-effective, bundled solution. This invaluable service package mitigates the risk of costly FCC/OSHA fines caused by non-compliance and by inaugurating a proactive approach to a tower site's health & safety, regulatory compliance, inventory management, and marketability.

  • TIA tower safety inspection

  • Non-destructive (GPR) foundation inspection

  • Tower & appurtenance mapping

  • Structural analysis

  • RF exposure analysis

  • Environmental compliance due diligence

  • FCC Antenna Site Registration (ASR) audit

  • Marketability analysis

Structural Modification Installation

With the growing demand for wireless infrastructure to support tomorrow’s technology, more and more existing communications tower sites need structural reinforcement.  Waterford’s highly experienced team of certified tower experts offer specialization in all communication tower types and deliver exceptional proficiency in a variety of cellular and broadcast tower reinforcement installation services including:

  • Guy wire replacement and tension adjustment

  • Vertical pipe leg grouting & reinforcing

  • Diagonal and horizontal bracing replacement

  • Repair of damaged connection gussets

  • Replacement of deficient connection bolts

  • Installation and replacement of torque arms

  • Stiffeners for monopole base plates

  • Foundation modifications

Tower & Foundation Mapping

Structural and appurtenance mapping (SAM) addresses tower site modifications, identifies collocation potential and provides confirmation of existing tenant equipment inventory. Our SAM process accelerates the verification of site data in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner and can be customized to fit within our client's required documentation.

  • Certified tower climbers committed to safety

  • All tower types including water tanks, silos, church steeples, and concealed structures

  • Structural mapping

  • Inventory mapping

  • GPR foundation mapping

  • Detailed photo library provided with 360° interactive virtual tour available

  • Nationwide mobilization capability

Rust & Corrosion Analysis

When rust and corrosion is present on a structure, a comprehensive Rust & Corrosion Analysis eliminates conservative guesswork traditionally utilized in most structural analyses. This results in a more accurate assessment of the real impact on the structural integrity of a structure's steel and concrete.

  • Specialization in wireless tower structures

  • Data collected by certified technicians

  • Field & laboratory-based analysis

  • Multi-disciplined scientific experts

  • Materials characterization assessment

  • Failure analysis

  • Structural analysis

  • End-of-life (EOL) assessment

RF Compliance Remediation

As an integral part of the RF exposure analysis (EME) process, Waterford also offers RF compliance remediation design and installation services.  Waterford’s RF field operations team maintain knowledge and expertise on all of the wireless carriers’ demarcation policies and are trained on every wireless site type and application.  When you engage Waterford for your RF compliance needs, you are guaranteed a solution that is FCC compliant and an installation that is clean and aesthetically pleasing. 

  • FCC compliant RF alert signage

  • Wireless carrier notification signage

  • Tower site contact & safety signage

  • RF barricades 

  • Indicative markings (line painting, tape)

  • Ladder lockout

  • Custom solutions

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