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Waterford maintains the most comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge and expertise of all federal, state and local regulatory compliance requirements … a critical benefit when planning your new build or upgrade project.

Am Screening and Detuning

AM Screening & Detuning

Waterford offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use screening system for determining potential interference with an AM station’s broadcast pattern. Our free, online tool facilitates an efficient evaluation and compliance determination.

  • FREE screenings via desktop client portal

  • Required for all new tower builds, detuned towers, or existing towers with a height change

  • Same-day notification on “negative” screenings

  • 24-hr proposal delivery on “positive” screenings

  • Theoretical M.O.M. analysis option available 

  • On-site evaluation via pre/post-construction measurements

  • Fast, nationwide mobilization capability

Waterford Consultants FAA Certification and Filing

FAA Certification & Filing

The FAA requires formal notification for any new tower construction or alteration of any FCC registered antenna structure. Waterford’s regulatory experts offer fast, efficient site evaluation, FAA form filing and notification services.

  • Desktop surveys performed using industry-preferred software

  • Fast turnaround of screening results and formal deliverables

  • FAA services offered

- SAR (Search Area Ring) analysis

- 7460 construction filings

- 1A/2C height/GPS surveys

- 854R Antenna Site Registration

- ASR update/ownership change

Waterford Consultants Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

In today's world of increasingly complex and stringent environmental regulations, it is vital to form a relationship with a consulting specialist you can trust and one who understands your objectives and can deliver high quality and cost-effective services. Waterford makes this possible.

  • NPA & CLA Notification

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

  • Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

  • NEPA

  • SHPO / Section 106 Review

  • THPO

  • Theoretical on-site acoustic (noise) analysis 

RF Exposure Analysis Consultant

RF Exposure Analysis (EME/MPE)

Waterford uses site-specific data and a comprehensive assessment process to address the FCC and OSHA requirements, thereby ensuring workers and the general public are properly protected from RF emissions exposure.

  • Theoretical and/or on-site analysis

  • Expertise with all wireless site types

  • Strategically located field technicians offer fast, nationwide mobilization

  • Developer of industry-approved RF compliance software, RFMaster™

  • Preferred RF safety vendor status with all wireless carriers and tower asset companies

  • Expert testimony services available for zoning and public hearings

Waterford Consultants RF Safety Training

RF Safety Training

The FCC and OSHA now require all business owners to maintain a comprehensive RF safety training program for all personnel who work on or near wireless transmitting equipment. Waterford’s RF Safety and Awareness Training course covers the following topics and participants may choose from online, web-hosted or in-person training formats.

  • Federal and state standards (FCC, OSHA, IEEE, TSSA, USEPA, NCRP)

  • Wireless site characteristics

  • Antenna types

  • RF physical characteristics

  • Biological effects

  • Compliance evaluation and mitigation

  • Engineering vs. Administrative Controls

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Waterford Consultants Environmental Compliance

Public Safety Signal Testing

Jurisdictions have adopted standards for adequate in-building public safety radio coverage. Demonstration of compliance for functional radio coverage may be required to receive occupancy permits in new construction or existing buildings. As an independent services provider, Waterford offers building and property owners the signal testing and report documentation needed to achieve and confirm compliance in accordance with any unique jurisdictional ordinance.

  • Testing tailored to any jurisdiction’s unique ordinance codes

  • Surveys conducted using state-of-the-art PCTEL equipment

  • Performance data captured include downlink signal, uplink signal, delivered audio quality (DAQ), and signal to noise ratio (SNR)

  • Comprehensive pass/fail results report delivery reviewed by a Professional Engineer.

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